Tuesday, 21 February 2012

head over heels

You were the guy out of all of the maybes that i decided was the one i would let in. you. it started off so innocently, but from the start i just knew i couldn't resist you. you had it. that little spark inside you that no one else had, that i knew i could trust with me. with my heart. i let you in, and since the beginning you haven't let me down. i know you would guard my heart with everything you have. and you do in your own special little way. i never thought i would let anyone in like this, show my vulnerable side, show them me in the morning, me when i cry, me when i worry, give them me utterly and completely with nothing hidden. i guess what im trying to say is - people always say you can't be in love till your older and getting married, but hey. im in love now, and if i look back on this i'll know that this is exactly what i wanted and how i felt. im totally and utterly head over heels and happy.

All i want is for you to guard my heart like you promised, you've stolen it so now all you have to do is keep it safe. 

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